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    ERP Implementation, Consulting and Training Services

    Six S Partners is a full service ERP software consulting firm that has an exclusive focus on Epicor ERP. As an Epicor Platinum Partner, our firm has invested the time and effort to become a leader in the training and consulting that is required for a successful ERP project. Our customers are located across North America with sites around the world. We too have leveraged Epicor ERP to manage our business in the most efficient manner to support our customers and our strategic customer focus.

    By Leveraging the proven Signature Methodology from Epicor, we have developed an optimized manner in which to address the challenges common to all projects while focusing on a streamlined and optimized new business flow. Strong participation from your team together with our proven expertise can help you reach your objectives.

    At Six S Partners we build our scope of services based on the direct result of a consultative approach. By matching the software capability to the business processes desired and the outcome of your envisioned optimized business flow, we stay focused on the outcome without the distractions of the many rich features of ERP that can challenge the balance of scope, timeline and budget. We have proven that a “phased in” approach can be less challenging to an organization while creating the “wins” that can keep your team engaged.

    The services we offer include:

    Education and Training – From company wide to department and individual keep your systems well used with staff that know how to exploit the power of Epicor ERP. Our Epicor University Certified Trainers and consultants will guide your team leveraging a lean approach which offers computer based training and focused workshop sessions to ensure strong adoption and new business processes that your team will own as their own.

    Consulting – Advisory services that improve your business processes. Change Management for helping your teams see and realize your vision. By hiring practitioners who understand business first, we can help your team strategize the right balance of ERP functionality to support you unique processes.

    Project Management – On Time and on Budget is our mantra, which does not come by accident. Transparent projects supported by shared project portal and visible shared tasks, allows us to manage local and remote projects as if we are right there beside you. Our project Management Office (PMO) is the heart of our continuous improvement engine.

    Technical Services – Allow our Microsoft Certified Solution Engineers review your technical environment and get it ready to support ERP and or evolve its use for Mobile device access, data collection and integration to customer facing portals and web services.


    Ongoing Life Cycle Support

    Six S Partners knows that “going live” with your ERP system is the beginning of a continuous improvement journey that can transform your business. The strength of our services reside in the ability for our team to help you through the journey with advice and support through the many turns that represent the growth and cost control that you need to remain profitable.

    Our Account Management philosophy is to engage regularly to ensure that you have the help and guidance you need to remain productive and achieve your strategic goals. All effort is proposed with a services budget that can be managed together.

    Telephone support – we are here to help you leverage your investment and ensure it is working to your satisfaction. We will help advise the nature of an issue for technical or Epicor software support. This service is one our customers see as a differentiation where we can add value, speed the solution and remove finger pointing as to the source of the issue.

    Upgrades and Patches – ERP is a living and breathing technology that is continuously improving and offering tools that can be of strategic value to evolution of your business. Once ERP is implemented it is relatively easy to create focus areas of improvement and create greater visibility with Dashboards Automated Reports, Business Process Management and Alerts.

    Epicor-Certified-Seal-0513As a Certified Partner, you can be assured that we have the latest knowledge to help guide you through the depth of capability of Epicor ERP. Certified PArtner Represents a certification by Epicor that more than 50% of our staff are up to date in their certifications. At Six S Partners it means that 100% of our staff are certified and have the product and practical knowledge to serve you.