Six S Partners support can be your first call for all concerns regarding your Epicor ERP investment or technology environment. 1-866-579-SIXS (7497) x1
    We are pleased to help you understand any issues you may be experiencing and continue our service dialogue associated with your unique use of the Epicor ERP software. You may call us direct or log calls and issues on your project portal. However as a customer who is up to date on their software maintenance, you are entitled to software updates, and direct calls to ….

    Epicor® Software Support

    When you purchased your Epicor solution to run your business more efficiently, you invested in more than just software. You also purchased the expertise of our seasoned enterprise software support and service professionals.

    Epicor has developed a number of state-of-the-art software support tools and systems that will help you achieve a rapid return on your investment and ultimately, profitable growth. Epicor Software Support stands behind our software solutions so that you can concentrate on running your business.

    ERP Software and Business Software Support

    To take advantage of these resources, log on to your EPICweb customer portal. Review the one-page overview to see the resources available on this customer-exclusive site.

    If your system is not available and your needs are urgent, we recommend the call direct to Epicor. We will be able to track these calls and add value as needed. Epicor can be reached direct at