• Business is not static—it is relentlessly dynamic. Innovation, customer demands, and competitive pressures lead organizations like yours to evolve with the market, opening the door to new opportunities and growth. Keeping enterprise software current can help your business meet these challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

    Upgrade Solutions—A Smooth, Measured Step Up

    At Six S Partners, our objective is to ensure customers are able to move to the next-generation of Epicor solutions easily, in an informed manner, and most importantly, when and how it makes sense for them.

    As you begin to consider upgrading hardware, software, and/or technology, Six S Partners experts are available to assist you. Customers can choose a full upgrade package, ad-hoc services and technical consulting, or early-stage project planning assistance for those who choose to upgrade on their own. From readiness coordination through go-live support , our expert consultants are ready to help you make the leap forward.

    Interested in moving to the latest version?

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