• Managing a business through its lifecycle is a journey. The concept of Lean’s 5 “S” program is a foundation for growth. Our customers learn that the Sixth “S” is “Systems”. Perhaps the most important stop on the journey.
    Any firm that has growth or cost control objectives can attest to the need for controls. Without a visible and process to guide your knowledge workers you are failing to utilize the most valuable talent in your organization. It is our experience and belief that your staff can increase performance when armed with tactical and strategic knowledge and tools.

    Once a process is fixed, it must be aligned with the values and value stream of the organization. Without a process and systems to enforce, most firms drift back to the old familiar ways. The Six S Partners approach is designed to eliminate waste and focus on the essential issues that drive the organization forward while providing management measurement and control tools to sustain the organization through to its next challenges.

    Six S Partners Inc. strategy is aimed at helping you improve your bottom line. Our services range from managing the scope for your project to strategic planning and strategy mapping (as per Kaplan and Norton’s approach). Have you the tools to enable the fast action that today’s markets require? Six S Partners specializes in enabling collaboration. We also are here to help with your ERP support and training needs — a key tool for today’s management

    By focusing on the extension of your business capability — we are committed to delivering value through strategic services.• Process Flow and value stream mapping . The Signature Methodology is the proven framework under which we execute all projects.