• End-to-End ERP Solution

    Epicor Express is a comprehensive Cloud ERP solution developed specifically for small and mid-sized manufacturers that is delivered in the software as a service (SaaS) model.

    Small businesses lead in their ability to respond to their customer’s needs. Technology needs to support this agility and offer new visibility and access to business information—from anywhere. IT can consume business energy. SaaS ERP frees a small business to focus on what’s important—serving your customers.

    Epicor Express is an on-demand ERP system that has been developed from our latest generation software. It leverages core functionality that has been in use and proven at thousands of manufacturers. With Express you are provided everything in one integrated system to manage your business. Express eliminates the need for separate applications, spreadsheets and manual processes; you have the functionality to manage:

    • Customers and contacts
    • Opportunities and orders
    • Products and production
    • Shipping and receiving
    • Accounting and payroll


    However you account, cost and manufacture, the Epicor SaaS ERP system is flexible enough to support your manufacturing type and process, including:

    Manufacturing Process

    • Assembly
    • Opportunities and orders
    • Make to Stock
    • Make to Order
    • Mixed Mode

    Manufacturing Type

    • Job Shop
    • Machine Shop
    • Screw Shop
    • Fabrication Shop
    • Tool, Mold and Die Shop
    • Stamping Shop
    • Plastics Shop
    • Medical Devices

    Simplicity of SaaS ERP

    The Software-as-a-service (SaaS) model eliminates many of the barriers that keep companies from implementing or upgrading their software. Some of the benefits include:

    • Simplified implementation enables faster time to “go-live”
    • No hardware costs, software to upgrade or systems to maintain
    • Affordable subscription pricing

    Most importantly it enables you to focus on your core business instead of IT.